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    Capturing moments with my camera is something I've loved doing my whole life.
    When the "moments' are printed, you will always be able to hold that memory in your hand and remember what that time was like and how you felt when it was taken. I want everyone to have photographs of their special moments, families and pets!

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Loving these Studio Shots!

I have started a new “adventure” with my photography!  Studio Photography!  I am trying it out to see how I like it.  And right now, I REALLY like how the images are turning out!  Let me know your thoughts!

Andrew, Sam and Caleb

These gentlemen were great to photograph this summer!  Great smiles and great personalities!  This photo really “pops”!  We were by the river at Mill Race Park, but it looks like they were in a studio with a back drop.  I did add some “Indiana Sky” to this image to give it some blue, but the rest is just how beautiful the morning was!

Happy Birthday Emerson!


I have been wanting to launch my site for quite a few months… I thought I would just get started and go from there! Here it goes! I am sure I have a lot to learn in the upcoming months! Be patient with my “blogging”!